Catch The Moments | An Art Form Like No Other
Experience a unique art form like no other in the GTA. ​Create 3D sculptures of the human body through the art of mold making. Sign up today for our classes!
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The magic you’ll capture

is the memory of


Create unforgettable impressions using specialized materials to capture a mirror image.  You’ll learn to create invaluable keepsakes of a fleeting moment in time. A reference to something that is a reminder for generations to come. How can you not love that?

Your Creativity, Sparked.

What is LifeCasting?

Taking a mold of the human form has been a practice for centuries. The purpose of making a mold impression is to capture a specific moment in time. Whether a child’s hand and foot or body casting, the sculpture is uniquely you.

For those wishing to learn, studying with a highly experienced individual is the key. We use products that have been adapted for a specific purpose. The use of molding creams with a working time of 3min. is the standard for children’s castings. Comfort of baby and mother is primary. Detail and presentation of the sculpture will create an heirloom.

Simply put – taking a direct impression of a person. What we do makes time stand still. Unlike a photograph it’s very sensory because we can touch the shape we captured and be transported to a time and place. My face casting and body casting classes are remarkable as each casting reveals so much about who they are.  Private commissions for body casting may also be requested and the quality is worthy to hang in any gallery.

Lifecasting School Of Art Products

This is where we shine. Babies grow so quickly and we can savor the moment and commemorate events in the most creative ways. Shadow Box keepsakes are the most popular in all our collection. They are Unforgettable Impressions you will be grateful you have. My clients have grown with me. A belly cast, a new- born’s feet and hands, siblings together with mom and dad, group castings of friends forever. What these casting sculptures represent is more valuable as time goes by.

What is silver clay?  A product made from metal powders mixed with nontoxic binders and water.  Metal clay can be shaped just like soft clay and is pliable till fired.  A perfect medium to take fingerprint impressions to create pendants, necklaces or key-chains.  In this class you will learn how to work with this material from start to finish.  Additional classes for more advanced techniques will be available.

Silver fingerprint impressions
Silver Finger Print

A surprise in an ongoing discovery of new mediums. A few simple items needed in this new technique. Alcohol inks are an acid-free, highly-pigmented, and fast drying medium to be used on non-porous surfaces. We will experiment on Yupo paper and ceramic tile for your first lesson.

Glass Painting
Gabi alcohol painting
Learn Fluid Pouring Cell Painting

Pouring paints is an innovative way to use acrylic paints to create an art piece. Instead of using tools like brushes or knives to create a piece of art, fluid paint can be poured directly onto the surface of the canvas and tilted to move the paint around. Silicone as an additive to the paint, will create “cells” within the paint to reveal colorful abstract designs. A must for messy creatives.

Fluid Pouring Cell Painting
Learn Alcohol Painting
Alcohol Painting

A Unique Art Form, Like No Other.

Your instructor & her

hard working team.

After years of experience I pretty much work intuitively. But it takes time and effort to design a program to qualify others for success. Understanding the materials you will be using is just the start. Working with mom’s, babies, children of all ages and at times whole family takes patience and definitely some people skills.  We hope to provide a comfortable environment to learn and transition your experience at each stage.


Joanelle Murray

Business & Marketing

Co-Owner to Catch the Moments & Life Casting School of Arts. I’m business minded with creative flare that loves to collaborate with inspiring minds. But my most important role in life is being a wife and mom to two beautiful girls.


Gabrielle Fischer

Artist & Lead Instructor

An Artist and Mentor, Gabrielle developed a unique style throughout her thirty plus years in the industry. Life-size personalized sculptures, works exhibited in galleries throughout the US and Canada. Effortless teaching style and years of invaluable experience.


Marie Walsh

Learning Co-ordinator

Everyone needs a 'Marie' in their life. Organized, efficient and personable, she keeps us on track during and prior to class schedules. Her background in finance and management mixed with her creativity is a blessing for all of us.


Candice Fischer

Marketing/Business Coach

Candice provides sound advice on taking your business to the next level. Marketing is key to making your business successful. Having a monthly or yearly budget to make your business grow is important. A mother of two who appreciates balancing work and family.

Class Schedule / Registration.

Two to five-day classes in personalized sculptures. Bring your own model, or we can arrange a model.  All materials, tools, and supplies are provided for demonstration and student application.

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Gabrielle Fischer.

My name is Gabrielle Fischer and I love anything to do with the arts. Making things with my hands is hugely satisfying and I have a feeling it is for you as well (that’s why, you’re here)!

More About Gabrielle

My Videos.

A series of video tutorials will be available for those unable to attend one of our Workshops.  Sign up for our pre-launch notification and receive newsletters and latest offerings.


Wish to book a casting or are considering a class or workshop?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Were a friendly bunch and would love to talk to you.  We will respond as quickly as possible as we may be in the middle of a casting or a class.

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Classes in the US may be arranged at request. Please contact us for further detail.

If you prefer to contact me directly:

Gabrielle Fischer