Catch The Moments | Workshops to Create a Business From Home
Experience a unique art form like no other in the GTA. ​Create 3D sculptures of the human body through the art of mold making. Sign up today for our classes!
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Workshops to Create a Business From Home

From beginner to advanced classes in
hand casting, face casting, torso, and
more. We do it all!

3 Day
Children’s Keepsakes & Belly Casting Sculptures 

Home-Based Workshop:  3.0 Days – 9:30 to 5 pm each day

Our Three-Day Workshop is a comprehensive tutorial as it offers the opportunity to make Prenatal or Belly Casts in a variety of styles. A small belly bowl or belly cast with hands of parents, as well as larger plaster bandage options. The plaster bandage option allows for creativity with colour, stencilling, adding bling and much more. The client may choose to do this part or you can transform this for her. Belly Casting Sculptures are hung in babies rooms and may be displayed on the wall or on a base. Colours enhance the beauty of these wonderful keepsakes.
This has added value for you as you will have a client ready to go to the next step and do a hand/foot casting of their newborn.

Children’s Hands/Feet casting sculptures are the ever-important element in our program. We provide models for adult and baby castings along with the full spectrum of the process. Safe and gentle materials for taking the impression as well as a comfortable and safe environment for our clients.

Quality Frames with acid-free matting are what takes our products to the next level. Learn how to order, assemble the sculptures and secure to the mat, layer the mating for an incredible display. Finishing the back of frames with proper hooks is essential for professional quality.

You will learn to create a Three-Window Shadow Box with a picture in the centre window as well as take one home to make your first sample.

We cover belly castings, children and adult hand castings including medallions, framing and display methods as well as samples to take home.  Included is one Triple Window Frame used to display your castings. A binder filled with information on forms to use, styles of castings, list of tools and supplies and where to purchase items.  All materials, supplies, and tools included during the workshop.

Whether a paying hobby or a full-time home business, training with a professional is important. Avoid costly mistakes of trial and error and start your business as soon as you go home.

3 Day Course Outline

– Prenatal Casting with model
– Two applications – a) small cast with alginate, b) large cast with plaster bandage.
– Plaster bandage design and decoration options.
– How to re-enforce both castings
– How to prepare both sculptures for either wall hanging or standing base
– How to mix 3 min. alginate using proper proportions and water temperature
– What tools and materials to use and where to purchase ongoing supplies
– Discussion with regard to operating a business from home
– Marketing information, list of wholesalers and ongoing support

– Adult hand casting using 3 min. alginate
– A Visit from Mom and baby to cast two hands and two feet sculptures
– Mother and child hand casting composition and method
– How to create Medallion and Free Form castings
– How to mix and pour casting stone to create “the positive”
– De-molding your castings – what tools to use – problem-solving discussion
– Create additional samples to take home

– Completion of all casting sculptures
– Preparing castings for framing
– What finishes and sealers to use
– Understanding framing techniques and formats developed by Life Casting School of Art
– How to prepare and secure the sculptures into the shadow box
– Finishing your frames for presentation
– Understanding acid-free mats and why it is important
– Presentation of Certificate of Completion from Life Casting School of Art

Cost:  $3600.

Request our Ebook for detailed information on our Contact Page.

Dates Available To Suite Your Schedule

2021 Workshops

Please request dates and times through email.
Our schedules are constantly changing and we keep adding additional classes.
We adhear to Covid 19 rules and regulations. Answer a few questions for all our safety.
I will try to work with your schedule as we know how busy mom’s are.

All Classes Are Available in: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Important Information:
This Workshop is available in-house or you may request video tutorials if unable to travel.

Full one-hour to half-hour videos will have you practicing and working with me.
Stop the video as your working on each stage of development.
Receive full support as with our in-house workshop.
Priced Individually or as a Package. More information to come.

Register for pre-release of video’s and be one of the first in your area to offer this service.

– Coffee/Tea available
– Bring a light lunch or we go for lunch nearby
– Photographs are permitted
– Dress to mess
– Wear comfortable shoes
– Hotel recommendations or Bed and Breakfast’s nearby may be booked

Face Casting and Mold Making

Workshop/Class Duration:  12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

A sculptural reflection of you. Skin safe water based material used to produce a rubber mold of your face with intricate detail. Learn to create an artistic mold and be guided through each step to reveal a mirror image staring back at you.

– Model provided or bring a model
– Casting face/neck toward back of head with ears
– Using quick setting molding cream to create a “bust”
– Proportions and temperature of water to use.
– Preparing all elements before starting
– What release cream to use on face and hair
– Discussing the pose and expression of the model for the sculpture
– Using the three-layer application
– Comfort of model primary
– Preparation prior to using gypsum for sculpture positive
– When to de-mold and how to clean your casting sculpture
– How to prepare for mounting the sculpture on a base
– Drying, sealing and additional sculptural effects discussed

Private Classes Full Day $500.00 


Face Casting – Creating A Bust.

All classes held in Brampton, ON. Canada

Take home a bust of yourself or your model.
Additional information on how to do a wall or table base mount for your sculpture will be demonstrated if time allows.
– Bring a notebook, pens, and refreshments of choice
– Take home a step by step outline of the method(s) used
– Where to purchase materials and supplies
– On-going support

Introduction to Silver Clay For Beginners

Workshop/Class Duration: 2 hours

What is silver clay? A product made from metal powders mixed with nontoxic binders and water. Metal clay can be shaped just like soft clay and is pliable till fired. A perfect medium to take fingerprint impressions to create pendants, necklaces or key-chains. In this class you will learn how to work with this material from start to finish. Additional classes for more advanced techniques will be available.

In this class you will learn:

– Silver clay for fingerprint impression

– The nature and properties of silver clay and other metal clays

– How to condition the clay and how to keep it moist and ready to use

– Introduction to all tools and their uses

– The various stages to create a piece of jewelry clay stage, use of texture mats, drying process, refining techniques, firing and polishing

We will be making two or three easy pieces using these processes.

Cost:  $350.00


Inquire about a date that suits you this summer.

Classes held in Brampton, ON. Canada.

Price based on small groups.

You will be hooked on the professional-looking silver jewelry you can make with silver clay. Great to make children’s fingerprint impressions as charms or chains.

  • pendant for a necklace
  • pendant for a charm bracelet
  • key chain attachment

Additional Silver Clay Available for Purchase – 5 and 10 grams

Full day workshops available for more advanced classes and may be incorporated into our 3 Day Workshop.

Class will include

  • Art Clay Silver / 5 gram.
  • Cards for layering
  • Roller
  • Tools and brushes
  • Firing method
  • Staines and additional supplies
– All supplies and materials will be provided during class
– Print out instructions and where to order materials and supplies
– Bag of silver clay and basic tools to take home