Catch The Moments | FAQ’s
Experience a unique art form like no other in the GTA. ​Create 3D sculptures of the human body through the art of mold making. Sign up today for our classes!
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We try to answer any questions that you
may have about our classes and workshops
on this page. Please email for any further
questions or book a personal call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having worked as an artist and an instructor for over thirty years, it is my pleasure to come in contact with so many families. Some have been in my life since their first child and have returned with special requests to commemorate first communion, ballet tributes, anniversaries and more. Finding new ways to create casting sculptures and constantly challenging my creativity. Offering people something so special and personal, has proven to be a joy and not a job.

Children and Family
Casting Inquiries
How Do I Book A Casting?

Please contact an Associate or head office to book an appointment. Either in-house or a personal visit will be arranged. Travel costs may be applied.

Full payment is made at the time of casting.

How Much Time Is Required for My Appointment?

Please allow an hour and a half for the appointment. Clothing may have to be removed or rolled up to avoid getting messy.

Is The Molding Cream Safe For Baby's Skin?

This seaweed based product is gentle and hypoallergenic. Approved for body casting for children and adults. Baby or children’s hands/feet are cast using a 3 min. color changing cream. Setting time is about sixty seconds.

Are There Age Restrictions For Casting?

There aren’t any age restrictions for taking a mold impression.  We also work with your favorite pet in creating a paw keepsake.

Are There Choices For Frames And Finishes?

A variety of frame colors, mats and finishes for your sculpture will be made available at the time of casting. Personalized designs may be created to suit your request.

When Will I Have My Finished Keepsake?

Please allow three to five weeks to have a completed framed keepsake. Several stages of preparation prior to framing must be followed. If the sculpture is free standing or on a base, the time may be less.

Training For A Home Business

Franchise Or Independent Associate?

Our Home Based Business Workshops allow you to be an Independent Associate of Catch the Moments. We do not franchise and will not limit you to certain designs or styles. Creativity is not restricted. There are no monthly fees involved since you will be totally independent. A one-time fee for the workshop and a one-time fee charged for inclusion on our website are all that is required.

What is the Schedule for the Three Day Workshop Training?

1.  A comprehensive program starting with a variety of belly casting styles – day one.

2.  Baby hand/foot mold, adult – family hand casting, raised impression medallion and free form styles – day two.

3.  Preparing sculptures for framing, problem solving and framing methods – day three.

A detailed outline is available by request.Please visit our Classes page for more information.

How Many Students In A Class?

In-house classes will have two to three students at one time to ensure individual attention and experience.

Are There Any Contracts To Sign?

A non-disclosure document is the only form to sign.

Are Models Provided For Prenatal And Baby Casting?

Models will be available for demonstration and practice.

Can You Provide A Take Home Kit To Start My Business?

We can provide a complete list of tools and supplies, as well as where they are available for purchase.

Your binder will have information on what tools and supplies you will need, should you wish to purchase all items yourself.

Booking And Payment For The Workshops

For booking either workshop, a deposit of $500.00 will secure the class.

How Much Money Can I Expect To Make?

The workshop prepares you to create a variety of casting styles. Prices for baby and children’s castings in shadow box keepsakes range from $150. to $350. Marketing is the key to a successful business. Statistics on childbirth in your area will give you an idea of the many possibilities to just baby and prenatal casting.

eg: Three large shadow box castings would provide approximately $600. to $900. dollars per month with a good profit margin.

Will I Receive A Certificate Of Completion?

Certificate of Completion will be awarded from Catch the Moments at the last class. We encourage you to display this proudly as a qualified Life Casting Artist.

Is There Ongoing Support?

Support is available for as long as you need. Email or text questions at any time.

Recommendations For Local Hotels and B&B

We can provide a list of local hotels and make arrangements for pick up if required.

There are a number of hotels in the Brampton area that would be suitable. Head office is 110 Royal Palm Dr., Brampton ON. Canada Google maps will also provide information.