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Experience a unique art form like no other in the GTA. ​Create 3D sculptures of the human body through the art of mold making. Sign up today for our classes!
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Can creativity be learned? Short answer YES. Creativity is a skill that can be developed and a process that can be managed. Creativity is a practise just as any other skill. I hope to motivate and inspire you on this site and have you say, “I can learn that.”

Simply put – taking a direct impression of a person. What we do makes time stand still. Not like a photograph but in 3D. It’s very sensory because we can touch the shape we captured and be transported to a time and place. My face casting and body casting classes are remarkable as each cast reveals so much about who they are. Embellishing with fabric, color, masking makes it a sculpture worthy to hand in any gallery. Challenge yourself.

This is where we shine. Babies grow so quickly and we can savor the moment and commemorate events in the most creative ways. Shadow Box keepsakes are the most popular in all our collection and they are Unforgettable Impressions you will be grateful you captured. My clients have grown with me. A belly cast, a new born’s feet and hand, siblings together with mom and dad, group castings of friends forever. What these casting sculptures represent is more valuable as time goes by.

Silver Fingerprint Jewelry will surprise and fascinate you. Soft silver clay is pliable for a period of time and may be shaped to take fingerprint impressions, decorative detail and provide your clients with a beautiful customized necklace, bracelet or keychain. Surprising what is available in raw material to create exquisite jewelry.

Another surprise in an ongoing discovery in new mediums. A few simple items needed in this new technique and you will have a gallery of work that will amaze your friends. Sell your work online or just have fun.
Another surprise in painting methods that will have people wondering when you went to Paris to study painting. Seriously, this method is incredibly fascinating and surprisingly easy.